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Our team of in-house sales coaches develops an individual training plan with each of our portfolio companies. We define focus areas together with you and you determine which topics, when and to what extent the training should take place.

Sales Kick-Off Workshop

Our coaches assess your sales structures and experience, helping you identify areas needing support and providing a detailed feedback report for optimisation.

C-Level Coaching

Our C-Level coaching equips you with tools to enhance your storytelling and optimise pitch decks for clients or future financing rounds. Together, we’ll refine your presentation style and explore successful communication, conversation, and leadership techniques.

Sales Playbook

We collaborate on defining your company DNA, crafting your sales pitch, and identifying your buyer persona and ICP. Additionally, we jointly develop conversation guidelines for inbound and outbound sales, as well as follow-ups.

Tool Support

Together, we select the appropriate tools to supplement your sales process, whether it's the right CRM-Tool or sales-tools for lead generation, calling, or automated outreach.

Recruiting and HR Operations

Our coaches assist in hiring sales employees, including applicant screening. We develop efficient recruiting and onboarding processes, conduct joint interview training, discuss incentive programs, team building, and structure ongoing sales training for employees.

"We’re privileged to have investors like seed + speed who share our vision of creating the Trust Infrastructure for durable carbon removal. We have greatly benefited from their support and experience from the beginning.”

Dr. Lisa Smith

Co-Founder of prewave

We value strong partnerships.

Our focus is on building strong, collaborative relationships that drive growth and sustainability. We strive to push our startups to the top of their respective industries by leveraging our vast network of impactful investors, associations, and global community.

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