Sustainable business management is our top priority.

ESG at seed + speed 

As a company, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable business practices at every opportunity.​​ Our commitment to mitigating environmental and social risks is reflected in every investment we make.

Investment Strategy

We are constantly aiming to bring more diversity into our portfolio, funding founder teams from different backgrounds, ethnicities and genders. In our screening process we have included initiatives that include female-focused founder hours or mentoring for teams from different backgrounds. 

In addition, we exclude sectors and business practices that we deem as socially and/or environmentally harmful. That includes illegal activities, companies that support racist or anti-democratic media or values, child labor, weapons, gambling, casinos (including Internet gambling and online casinos), companies that produce and/or trade distilled alcoholic beverages or tobacco, human cloning, companies that promote production and/or trade of wildlife or wildlife products.

Investment Process

We actively seek out startups that share our values and have integrated ESG principles into their philosophy. 

To ensure compliance with ESG criteria, we have implemented a comprehensive questionnaire for founders and investment teams. Any incorrect information may result in exclusion from the pitch or investment process. 

Portfolio Management

Our contracts also include a sustainability clause that requires startups to operate in an ESG-oriented manner and report regularly on their compliance. We continuously monitor the ownership diversity of our portfolio companies. When it comes to setting, measuring and monitoring other ESG related goals, we acquire the information through discussions or questionnaires. We are always ready to help our portfolio companies with their ESG matters.

Furthermore, our dedication to sustainability extends beyond our investments. We are constantly evaluating and improving our operational practices. 

ESG in our operations

Our efforts include sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewable energy sources, creating as little waste as possible in our events, going paperless wherever possible and by saving office energy by smart lighting and heating. 

When traveling, we favour train transportation whenever feasible, and, when flying is unavoidable, we consistently select economy class and we are offsetting our CO2 emissions. We are also currently applying for membership in the "Leaders for Climate Action" association. 

Teamculture and how we work

We always strive for having a diverse team from different backgrounds and life circumstances, supporting and hiring from initiatives like Diversity VC or 2hearts.

We prioritise our team's work-life balance by offering the option to work from home, working part time hours, working flexible shifts to combine family and work life and sponsoring Urban Sports Club memberships to support personal health. 

Our office is furnished with ergonomic amenities, including ergonomic chairs and standing workstations. 

Additionally, we offer complimentary fresh fruits, vegetables, and beverages to our employees at the office. We ensure fair salaries for all employees, regardless of gender or identity. 

We organize regular team events that foster personal health and our office is pet friendly. 

We foster a culture where our key values are equality, trust, vulnerability, abundance, and caring and everybody can share their personal life as much as they would like to.and beverages to our employees at the office. We ensure fair salaries for all employees, regardless of gender or identity.

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