ESG at seed + speed

ESG ist important
for seed+speed
and all its employees

Our ESG guidelines

For seed+speed Ventures and all its employees, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) – the impact of our work regarding sustainability, especially regarding the environment, the social impact and the governance – is important to us. That is why we have adopted an ESG policy to mitigate the impact from sustainability risks across the whole company and commit ourselves to invest responsibly.

seed + speed encourages ESG-governance within its current portfolio companies as well as new investments. We therefore have also embedded ESG criteria in our own investment process.

For each investment seed + speed Ventures fills out an ESG questionnaire which is integrated in the due diligence process. The questionnaire will be filled out by the founders and/ or the seed+speed investment team. Non-compliance or the wrong way of doing business might lead to the decision not to invest in a company.

In addition, seed + speed plans to implement a sustainability clause in its investment documentation which requests the portfolio companies to implement and report steps on their own way to a more ESG oriented workspace.

We are actively looking for mission driven founders and companies having a substantial, positive impact on the world.

However we know that it is equally important to also pay great attention to our own actions. That is why we as a team have additionally implemented a broad range of ESG supporting activities, such as:

● Energy consumption coming 100% from renewable energy sources

● CO2-emission compensation (e.g. through traveling)

● Membership (pending) at “Leaders for Climate Action”

● “Work-Life Balance”- friendly culture with flexible possibilities to work from home

● Supporting a healthy lifestyle with subsidized Urban Sports Club membership and free fruits, vegetables and drinks at our office

● Fair salaries (gender-independent)

● Free usage and collaboration with employee learning plattform Peers to support continuous learning and personal development