We invest in seed
rounds and support
with free B2B sales trainings

Our investment focus

As a seed-stage investor we write initial tickets of up to €500k in startups with software products, especially in the B2B space, and headquartered in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. We are flexible regarding lead or co-investor roles, and as an evergreen fund can give founders more freedom in exit timing. We like to continue investing in follow-on rounds and support startups throughout with our free B2B sales training by inhouse sales coaches, which is fully tailored to the needs and requests of each startup.

Geographical focus on DE, CH and AT

With our HQ in Berlin and a strong network among our investment team and our founder Carsten Maschmeyer throughout the German, Swiss and Austrian economies, we like to support startups based there to best use our contacts and understanding of the legal and business environment.

Initial investment of up to €500k

Our first equity investment is up to €500k and we are flexible as to lead or co-investment roles in the round structure in order to maximise flexibility for founders to include the optimal mix of expertise and contacts in their round.

B2B sales training
free & tailored

All portfolio companies have access to our inhouse team of sales coaches who work individually with each startup on the B2B sales topics it most wants to tackle. These trainings are free and are intended to support companies in building sustainable and effective sales operations for more rapid growth.

Total investment up to €1m

We aim to make follow-on investments among our portfolio companies in order to maintain a close and mutually rewarding relationship with startups that we believe are changing markets and creating measurable value.

B2B software

Owing to our investment experience we have a particular focus on B2B software companies. Both our sales support and the expertise among the investment team is particularly useful for tackling challenges startups face using B2B business models.

Evergreen fund

seed + speed was founded by the successful entrepreneur Carsten Maschmeyer. As an evergreen fund we do not have a fixed fund end date, giving us more flexibility than many institutional investors regarding exit timelines, and giving more leeway to founders to find and execute the truly best exit opportunities for all shareholders.


How we support our startups

Our dedicated team of sales coaches works with all startups in our portfolio to support them in building their sales operations, strategies and in hiring. All sales trainings are tailored to the portfolio company, can be taken whenever the startup needs them and topics are chosen depending on needs and wishes of the startup. Our sales trainers come to you, work with you or your team only and are available on call for questions that come up between sessions.

Lars Conrad, Head of Sales Projects